“we truly strive to be a great place to work - simple as that!”

"Daring to be different"

At Calbee UK it is our vision to be genuinely recognised as a really great place to work - and this is completely sincere and authentic. We strive for this to be the view of, most importantly, our colleagues inside the business, but also by everyone we deal with outside of the business

In doing that, we want to be an innovative employer who dares to be a bit different. So, what does this look like? Well, all the words that you can see in our Culture Tree below are the great behaviours, ways of working and attitudes that we feel encapsulate the culture here at Calbee UK. Yes, our culture is very much in its infancy relatively speaking but it is already very strong and we will make it our mission to ensure this vision is built into the fabric of everything we do, every single day.


Our Culture Tree

Integrity Customer Focus Diversity Communication Passion Fun Teamwork Empowerment Innovation Proactivity


Here are some of our initiatives which make us proud!