Calbee UK helps school pupils build links with Japan

It was great to see some press coverage on Calbee's creation of an an international link-up of school children from the UK and Tokyo.  

Through international links, a local snack manufacturer has created the opportunity for young children in the local area to form new friendships on the other side of the world!

Calbee UK, a Japanese owned company based on Deeside Industrial Park, was contacted by a teacher from Penyffordd Primary School to see if they could offer any support as the children were currently learning all about Japan.

Mags Kerns, Head of HR at Calbee UK, said “when we received the call, we really wanted to help, as supporting our local communities is such an important part of what we are about as a business.  So, I contacted my counter-part in Calbee Japan and, to fast forward the story three months, we soon linked up a school in Tokyo with the school in Penyffordd.  The whole project has blossomed beyond our wildest dreams and the children from each school are forming international friendships, through regularly exchanging videos and greetings cards.  They are learning about each other’s cultures, families, school lives and hobbies – and of course there has been a bit of language-learning too!”

Mags also added “the other interesting fact is that the teachers are also exchanging their ideas on teaching methods based on the approaches used in each other’s cultures.  There have been so many unexpected benefits of what I’m so delighted to say has become a hugely popular project”

A couple of week ago, Penyffordd school were delighted to welcome colleagues from Calbee to the school, including two very special visitors who had travelled all the way from Japan for the visit; Kaoru Ninomiya, Director of CSR for Calbee Japan and Masako Tetsuka, the teacher from the primary school in Tokyo. Masako said after the visit “it was so lovely to meet the children in person after seeing them on video for the past few months.  I took along some Japanese games and toys to share with the children and we had great fun trying them out.  It was also great to hear that the school now has a “Japan Club” as the children have been so keen to get involved”.

Calbee is really hopeful that this is a partnership that will continue for many years to come




Calbee UK helps school pupils build links with Japan