Calbee Group UK Limited

Welcome to Calbee Group UK.  A young, ambitious snack company which boldly seeks to disrupt the UK and European bagged-snacks categories through exciting innovation

A complete start-up in 2015, but now a strong challenger in the snacking category, Calbee Group UK forms part of Japanese global snack-manufacturer, Calbee Inc., founded more than 65 years ago. One of the largest snack companies in the world, Calbee Inc has more than 3,800 employees across 12 different countries, making Calbee Group UK part of a £2.3 billion global business.

In addition to achieving significant growth organically with their first factory located in Deeside, North Wales, a huge milestone in Calbee Group UK’s short history has been the successful acquisition of Seabrook Crisps in 2018.  Bradford-based Seabrook, a dynamic company with a great history, tradition and first to market initiatives has served as a perfect complement to the young, ambitious business that is Calbee UK. Bringing them together has demonstrated a powerful move to leverage the combined strengths of both businesses to accelerate growth and increase market penetration.