2020 Statement Relating to UK Modern Slavery Act

This statement by Calbee Group UK Ltd has been published in accordance with Section 54 of the UK Modem Slavery Act 2015. This Statement has been prepared on behalf of Calbee Group UK Ltd, a UK corporation and covers related efforts made thereby during the period of January 1,2020 through December 31, 2020.

1. Business Outline

Calbee Group UK Ltd forms part of Japanese global snack-manufacturer, Calbee Inc.

Calbee Group UK Ltd are 100% owned subsidiary and operate a snacks business producing under the Seabrook, Harvest Snaps and Yushoi brands and for private label. Our supply chain handles potatoes, flour, and oil as principal materials, while handling seasonings and packaging as secondary materials.

2. Our Commitment

Our policy is to conduct business honestly and ethically, supporting and respecting internationally declared human rights protections. We recognise that modern slavery can take many different forms and our zero-tolerance approach means we are committed to ensuring we have effective systems and processes to safeguard against any form of to modern slavery or human trafficking within our business or supply chain.

3. Our Supply Chain

Calbee Group UK Ltd adheres to the requirements of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Base code, which is established under the Convention of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and is a code of internationally recognised labour practices.

We ensure that our suppliers are aware of our expectations to work honestly, ethically and in line with all legislation. We actively communicate with our suppliers, to set the tone and culture for operation and through our robust Quality Management System we carry out appropriate risk based due diligence for all our suppliers.

We operate a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) for the provision of agency labour and only work with agencies who are part of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, are licence members of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority and work in partnership with Stronger Together.

With our zero-tolerance approach should we identify that a supplier, customer or another party within our supply chain has not met the high standards we set we will cease our dealings with them.

4. Relevant Policies

Our HR policies and standards ensure compliance with legislation and are readily available to our employees through our intranet and notice boards. Prior to recruitment, we check the eligibility of all our employees to work in the UK, and we pay at least the national minimum wage to our employees.

To ensure our staff understand the policies and the risks of modern slavery to our supply chains and our business, we provide training at the point of induction. We also ensure our staff know who to contact if they have a concern about modern slavery, we operate a Public Interest Disclosure Policy giving both employees and business partners the opportunity to confidentially raise any concerns without fear of retaliation.

Further Efforts

To date no modern slavery concerns have been identified within our business or supply chain however, we remain committed to monitoring the effectiveness of our systems and processes through annual reviews.

We understand that raising awareness is key in addressing the risk of modern slavery and want to help our staff understand more about the issues of modern slavery such as how to identify it and how to report any suspicions. We continue to develop our training in this regard and aim to expand our current provision and provide refreshers to our staff on a periodic basis throughout the year.

This Statement has been approved by the Group Managing Director of Calbee Group UK Ltd on April 19, 2021.