Modern Slavery

Calbee, Inc. corporate vision is to be respected, admired and loved by our customers, employees, suppliers, distributors and communities. We believe that we can only earn such respect by taking our corporate social responsibility seriously. This includes ensuring that there is transparency in our business and throughout our supply chains and reporting on the steps we have taken each year to achieve this, for the purposes of section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the Act).

Our business
Calbee, Inc. is an award winning global business committed to developing a full range of snacks for the global market. We are one of the largest snack companies in the world and have more than 3,700 employees across 12 different countries and understand that as a major employer we have a corporate responsibility to create a positive social impact.

We conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. We achieve this by supporting the community and people where we work and live and actively caring for the environment in which we operate.

"Our Business is People Business" and that is why we consider it essential to have an environment in which every worker can realise their full potential and achieve success, regardless of gender, nationality or race.

Calbee (UK) Limited is committed to ensuring the welfare of its employees. Our colleagues and their families are partners in our business and we committed to being better for everyone.

We comply with all applicable legislation relating to employee terms and conditions, including pay, and none of our staff earn less than the Living Wage.

We are also subject to regular SEDEX ethical audits. These involve a thorough formal examination of our labour practices which enable us to understand, measure, report on and help to improve our social and environmental performance and we are proud of our consistently strong results in these audits.

Working with our suppliers
We expect all of our contractors and suppliers to meet the same high ethical standards that we apply to our own business and we welcome the opportunities provided by the Act to continue to enhance and strengthen our relationships with our suppliers.

Calbee (UK) Limited has various international suppliers. We work together with our business partners to ensure our entire supply chain always provides safe products with the right quality. Our Quality Review Department regularly conducts reviews of standards and compliance with related laws and our Quality Audit Department regularly conducts audits of our suppliers and provides support to improve quality.

The majority of Calbee (UK) Limited’s suppliers are based in the UK, except for rice, one of the minor ingredients for our products, which is sourced from the United States of America. The majority of our suppliers are therefore located in territories where there is a low risk of modern slavery taking place. We will be undertaking a more detailed review of how we engage with our existing suppliers and our processes for onboarding new suppliers.

Once this review is complete, we will consider any necessary changes to our procurement procedures, including additional supplier due diligence and contractual protections as appropriate, as well as training our staff on the key points of these.

Corporate responsibility
We recognise that our business cannot continue without the support and understanding of the local communities in which we operate and we wish to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Our corporate social responsibility strategy is based on our three pillars:
• support for communities
• support for childcare and
• support for the environment.

Our policies
We already have a number of policies in place, including a procurement policy that sets out our process in relation to decision making in connection to our suppliers. We adhere to reasonable standards regarding the selection of suppliers based on our supplier guidelines.

We also have in place an anti-bribery policy.

We will review and update these and our other policies as appropriate once we have completed the detailed review of our supplier processes. We may also consider developing a bespoke anti-slavery policy.

Board approval
This slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31 March 2016 has been approved by, in accordance with section 54 of the Act.

Richard Robinson, Director
January 17th 2017